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Thursday, August 15, 2013


San Francisco Hep B Free
First city in the U.S. to test and vaccinate all Asian and Pacific Islanders for hepatitis B

Summary of Planning Group Meeting ~ July 18, 2013

API Wellness Center

No September Meeting
(B A Hero Gala, Wednesday, September 18th)

Next Meeting ~ October 17th, Kaiser (Geary)

o   Santa Clara Hepatitis B wants to model SF Hep B clinician honor roll
o   Hepatitis Action Plan
§  Eric sent out emails to organizations to sign on to SF Hep B Free letter; more than 40 have signed on
o   Hep B & C Alliance Walk
§  Liver Life Walk on Sunday September 22, 2013 at Music Concourse in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park (same weekend as American Heart Walk)
§  By next monthly meeting- have planning group and sign-up list
o   World Hepatitis Day Events
§  Contingent plan to be hosted at Stanford
§  10:45am-noon Sunday, July 28
§  See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil campaign
Special Guest: Emalie Huriaux
·         She is part of the Community Health Promotion Branch at Department of Public Health (part of the Population and Health Division)
·         Also works with Hep B & C Alliance
·         Current title at DPH is Viral Hepatitis and Integration Coordinator
o   works as a liaison with community organizations
o   focus is in integration and community liaison with clinical settings
o   want to integrate hepatitis testing with other types of disease testing
B A Hero Gala Update
·         Date is set on Wednesday, September 18th at Intercontinental Hotel
·         Ideas for themes in consideration
o   Masquerade theme
o   Golden State Warriors 
·         Team working on recruiting speakers and people to pass out awards
·         Next Gala planning meeting: July 24, 6pm at 555 Mission
·         Looking for team leads—job listings to be posted on Asian Week website
o   Entertainment
o   Raffle
o   VIP Registration
o   etc.
·         Silent auction prize donations appreciated
CDC Grant #’s Update
·         Progress report submitted: 1,962 screens
o   broken down into 1267 DPH, 317 API, 139 Chinese Hospital, 133 City College, 63 NEMS, 43 UCSF
·         Many of the screening events we hosted this summer created more connections and networking opportunities for SF Hep B Free
o   many screening partners are interested in doing screening events next year
·         Unofficially, we have 3,500 screens so far
Presentation by Richard So
Hep B Free Activation Team/Think Tank Service Learning Project
·         Think Tank clientele is 90-95%  Asian Americans
·         Ted reached out to Think Tank
·         Established screenings at 11 Think Tank sites on World Hepatitis Day
o   split into 6 teams in different parts of Bay Area
o   Block 1 of screenings from 10am – noon
o   Block 2 of screenings from 1-3pm
o   Volunteers and phlebotomists from CPMC, Chinese Hospital and Garrick Academy phlebotomist students to staff events
·         Press conferences
o   July 24 San Francisco Irving location
o   July 28 Palo Alto location
·         TT Service Learning Project
o   Student participation=community service hours awarded by Think Tank
o   Award ceremonies for students bringing the most people
o   Students undergo Hep B training process and tests to earn credit
Upcoming Events
·         July 24: Think Tank Press Conference on Irving Street
·         July 28: City Hep B Free Event in Hawaii
·         July 28: Think Tank Palo Alto Press Conference
·         August 10-11: Pistahan Parade and Festival (NEMS and API screening)
·         August 15: NEMS San Bruno Press conference/screening event

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